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Those Visits to the Dentist in Glasgow Can Save You Money!

July 30, 2019

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If you’re looking to save money, your first step will probably be to cut any unnecessary expenses. Some people might think their dental appointments might fall into this category; after all, isn’t it a lot cheaper to just use toothpaste and dental floss to get rid of plaque? The truth, however, is that these biannual visits are essential for high-quality preventive care – and in the long-term, prevention is always the more economical option. Here’s why seeing the dentist in Glasgow is as good for your bank account as it is for your mouth.

What Happens if I Don’t Get Regular Dental Checkups?

There are a lot of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your mouth, and there’s a deceptively large amount of surface area to cover; even if you brush and floss every day, there’s a good chance that you could be missing some plaque buildup. The bacteria in plaque can cause tooth decay and gum disease if they’re not removed in a timely fashion. Worse, plaque can actually harden into tartar, which you can’t remove by yourself; this makes it harder to get rid of the harmful bacteria and thus makes oral health issues more likely.

While tooth decay and gum diseases can be dealt with rather easily in the earlier stages, more advanced forms will require more drastic – and more costly – procedures. For example, if a tooth becomes infected, you might need to get a root canal to save it, and a crown will likely be required afterwards. If you lose your teeth due to oral health issues, you might need to get dental implants, dentures or a dental bridge as a replacement. Finally, if you get gum disease, it could contribute to larger health issues such as heart disease and respiratory infections that will need additional medical attention. All of these treatments can make a dent in your wallet.

How Can Seeing the Dentist Save Me Money?

By having a dental checkup twice a year, you make it more likely that tooth decay and gum disease can be caught and reversed quickly, thus avoiding more expensive treatments in the long run. Moreover, by having your teeth and gums thoroughly cleaned of plaque and tartar, you can avoid many oral health issues altogether – and thus won’t need to pay for treatment at all!

Your regular dental visits can be especially cost-effective if you have dental insurance. Most plans will fully or mostly cover two preventive dental checkups a year; keeping your appointments will help you get the most out of your plan’s benefits in addition to helping you avoid larger long-term costs.

If you haven’t had an appointment yet this year, it could end up being a very expensive mistake; schedule your next dental visit as soon as possible!

About the Author

Dr. Joseph T. Kelly is proud of his ability to create trusting relationships with his patients and has enjoyed serving his community over the past 5 years at his practice, Great Impression Dental. He believes that good preventive care is a worthwhile investment in better health that can ultimately save money in the long run. To schedule an appointment, visit his website or call (660) 882-7522.

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