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Advanced Technology

Technology is changing the world faster than ever, and Great Impression Dental has benefited from this progress as well. Dr. Joseph Kelly makes sure that the tools in his office are up to date and enable him to provide only the highest quality of dentistry. Of course, this isn’t tech for tech itself; Dr. Kelly only uses the most practical tools available today. You can read below about some of the ones we use every day. If you’d like to know more about them or want to schedule an appointment, contact our office today.

Intraoral Camera

Are you ever curious about what your dentist is actually looking at? Wouldn’t it make your dental appointments so much easier if you didn’t just have to sit and wait while being examined? Thanks to our intraoral camera, you can now be a full participant in your oral healthcare. This small, pen-sized camera enables our team to get a better look at your teeth and gums because it displays the image on a large chairside monitor. For the first time ever, your doctor will be able to explain what they are seeing in real time. This helps take a lot of the uncertainty (and anxiety) out of dentistry for many people. These enlarged images also allow Dr. Kelly to spot small dental issues even sooner, which will help him treat you faster and much more conservatively. It is an essential part of our practice that we use every day.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are essential to help our team see below the surfaces of your teeth where many hidden problems can lie. Unfortunately, traditional x-rays take time to develop, require harsh chemicals, and expose our patients (and us!) to more radiation. Thankfully, we now use digital x-rays, and these are now problems of the past.

With digital x-rays, the diagnostic images we use can be created almost instantly and be displayed on a chairside monitor. Then, they can be manipulated and color coded easily to help your dentist explain what they are seeing. They don’t require toxic chemicals to be developed, and they even expose our patients up to 80% less radiation. This solution is better for our patients, our team, and the environment at the same time. Also, because they are completely digital, the images can be easily stored and transferred, which is ideal for keeping track of long term treatment plans and getting procedures approved by your insurance provider.

Soft Tissue Laser

We actually have two kinds of soft tissue lasers in our office, and they are both extremely useful tools that help us treat our patients faster and with less discomfort.

We use one kind of soft tissue laser for periodontal therapy. It allows us to treat advanced gum disease while minimizing both pain and recovery time. It is able to eliminate the infection along the gum line without disturbing healthy tissue. This translates into less bleeding and a shorter recovery time.

Our other kind of soft tissue laser is utilized mainly for frenectomies. A frenectomy is a small procedure to help correct a short or thick frenulum, which is a small tissue on the lips and tongue that can affect how they move. Using a soft tissue laser, we can almost instantly eliminate this tissue with less pain or bleeding. It’s so gentle, in fact, that we even use it on the smallest babies. The end result is that everybody leaves the office happy and with a full smile.

dental handpieceAdvanced Electric Handpiece

Does the sound of a typical dental drill make you cringe? Dr. Kelly understands that some of the noises in a dental office can be a little intimidating, and that is one of the reasons why he has invested in a new electric handpiece that offers extraordinarily quiet, effective, and efficient operation. He can use this remarkable tool to prepare your teeth for a number of procedures, such as root canal therapy or dental fillings.

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