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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see children?

Yes! Great Impression Dental is a family-friendly dental practice, and we enjoy welcoming patients of all ages. Dr. Joseph Kelly performs several kid-friendly services that will help your son or daughter get started on the path towards lifelong oral health early on, including dental sealants, fluoride care, and even frenectomies!

How many checkups and cleanings do I need to have each year?

In most cases, we recommend that our patients attend two on average, or one every six months. However, there are certain circumstances (such as the presence of periodontal disease) that may require more diligent maintenance. Our team will be sure to let you know if we feel that more frequent checkups and cleanings will better benefit you and your smile.

Does my tooth need to be extracted?

Our team can’t know the answer to that question for sure until you come in for an appointment. Dr. Kelly makes every effort to renew and preserve natural teeth, but when faced with advanced decay, periodontal disease, or traumatic injury, extraction may be the right choice for your ongoing health and quality of life. Wisdom teeth often require extraction because of the adverse effects they often have on surrounding teeth.

What are my options for replacing missing teeth?

Several quality services are available, including dental implants, dental bridges, and full or partial dentures. While dental implants are widely considered to be the premier solution to tooth loss because of their valuable, long lasting health and aesthetic benefits, Dr. Kelly understands that the time commitment and cost involved may not be the right fit for every patient. He will be happy to work with you to discover the treatment option that best suits your unique needs and goals.

Can you improve the appearance of my smile?

Of course! Several cosmetic dentistry services are available here in Boonville, MO that can create dazzling improvements for smiles in need, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, aesthetic gum recontouring, and more.

The dentist’s office makes me nervous. Can you help?

Yes, we can. Dr. Kelly prioritizes patient comfort by taking the time to explain all of the options available to you and his honest recommendations for care, building trust before any actual treatment begins. If you still need a little extra help to feel truly at ease, nitrous oxide sedation is available to calm your nerves and create a much more pleasant, relaxed environment.